Month: June 2016

And I’m sitting here

Sifting through every generic term for describe the amount of love and appreciation I have for this man in my life…and I can’t seem to find the right words to depict this feeling.

But then again..this type of respect can not just be must be felt
And as I sit and flip through the albums that document our history can feel it through the eyes of the step children he has raised, the determination that flows in these vary veins that want nothing but to make him proud.

Yes. That is it..this simple yet so very complex man is my father. This man who holds his guitar as gold and has shared his wealth of love and knowledge of music, this man who’s sarcasm and humor lies beneath the undertone of every joke that’s uttered beneath my breath, this man’s who’s love for the eloquence of nature can be felt in every wisp of wind that caresses my face, this man who’s pride reigns strong has molded the spine in which hold’s my head high, despite it being filled with heavy thoughts

This man is my father and I’m humbled to be his daughter.


New Chapter.

Two and a half weeks ago, I decided to up and quit my job as the director of operations and client relations of a real estate investment company. It was one of the hardest decisions of my life, but it needed to be done. I’m not one to willingly open myself up to change, especially when I didn’t have a back up plan–it took 6 co-workers to leave, a company wide federal investigation and me shaking every second I came into the office to finally come to the decision. It was a company I grew up with, 4 years invested–it was everything I knew in the industry. The bird needed to fly–the amount of anxiety I had on daily basis affected me so negatively that it was beginning to wear on me physically.

Luckily, I left on good terms and strong relationships. I eventually was reached out to a familiar joint venture to join her team and I’m grateful to take my new career with the guidance of a familiar face. I’m still adjusting to this new change, but it is for the better. I needed to grow, I need to learn, I need to take risks, I need to find a way to invest in myself in order to achieve my happiness and I’ve been telling myself this for years, but it’s part of my personality–I’m loyal to a fault. I’m thankful for the co-workers and relationships that dragged me into the reality of it all. My empathy would’ve let me to a personal and professional down fall.

It’s time to step forward and put myself first, do things for me, work for me and not assist someone else.

The journey will be long and hard and I hope my persistence and hardwork will guide me along the lines to get me there.

The advantage is that I’m considered young in the industry–I have time to make mistakes and grow. The disadvantage is that I’m young–I’ll constantly be second guessed for assumptive lack of experience. My goal is to prove them wrong and exceed their service to become the top level producer that I know I can.

This chapter will start on my own terms. No one else’s. It’s about me and the work I’m willing to put in.

I’m ready.