Month: August 2016

Little dancing clouds

distracted me from the episode of Mr. Robot I was streaming on my Ipad. We had another 45 minutes until landing. I found myself closing the ipad, leaning against the window, watching as we grazed across the cotton sky–mesmerized. As I looked forward, I noticed the man who sat in front of me–suited-well groomed business exec type–he was engulfed in his laptop running ratios for L-shares and drafting emails but then he stopped his gaze was drawn to the same maroon ombre skies. He closed his laptop and like me, continued to let himself fall into the moment. The older woman next to me shuffled from her nap and  dazedly glanced over to my window and lightly enclosed her hand over the cross the dangled from her neck.

It was a reminder, that we are all the same in the world. No matter what status we title ourselves during our every day lives– we are still such a small part of something so much greater. There is so much out there that we all fear–that we don’t know–that we don’t understand.

It’s funny how such a simple moment unearths the realization that we are one in the same.




I never thought I’d be sitting here, alone in my hotel room on top of plush king size bed, 2,000 miles away from home on my own to meet with my colleagues and executives. Finally feeling like I’ve made adult moves. I am so fortunate to have landed this job. After years of mistreatment, micromanagement, and being undervalued –I finally found a company that offers me the privilege of working from home, a supportive corporate culture and a manager whom I look up to and respect personally  and professionally.

I’ve been given the opportunity the past two months to really sink my feet into the ground. I’ve done a lot of reflecting and with so much flexibility I’ve been able to have many conversations with myself.

It’s been the deep breath that I was really needing. I’ve never been so sure of myself and ready and refreshed to tackle things. I’m excited for the next challenge, learning new things, networking with new people, acquiring new licenses. Fueled with new energy, I’ve found a new eagerness that I’ve been missing to be more cultured, to be informed–to be just a better person.

For once, I’m excited to see what’s next. It’s nice to wake up everyday and feel like I’m in control of my life.

Control–That’s what I’ve been lacking. I’ve let so much of myself slip through the crevices of my fingers. It’s about time I pull myself together–not for an image, not for anyone else–but for me.