Month: May 2017


I turn 27 in about an hour..I’m sitting here baffled at where my life has taken me…I feel like I’ve been everywhere and no where at the same time. Does that even make sense? Don’t get me wrong I have my fair share of experiences and I’m living a blessed life, but I just can’t help but feel like the same girl from 8 years ago winding about life with the same fears, circling through the motions without a clear direction.

Through my career changes, my relationships and all my travels–I always end up end up here in the same place, surrounded by the same faces, repeating the same situations. As if I’m stuck in this perpetual orbit–entering new phases but always returning to the exact same stagnant space. I’m watching those around me move forward, propelling towards dreams & cultivating new lives but I can’t help but feel like I get thrown back in the same cycle. I know everyone’s journey is unique, it takes time to cultivate greatness and I know my life will be nothing short of it– that I feel in my bones.

I guess I can attest to my generation’s impatience..I guess what I’m trying to say here is that I’m ready for something different–something that takes me away from ‘here’.

Forward momentum–That’s what I’m searching for…in what, where, or whom? These are the things I still need to figure out.

Hopefully this year will bring forth new clarity. That’s all I’m wishing for this year..a sense of comprehensible purpose.