Tick Tock

Today was one of the days where old friends actually followed through with plans instead of the usual fly by conversation of “we should catch up” which is usually followed by a reluctant “yes definitely” –that leads utterly to no where.

I forget how good it feels to lose yourself in conversation, to laugh about memories, to talk about nothing and everything at the same time. Stoking fires that were never really put out. It’s nice to know that after years of not seeing each other that we still get each other, that we still understand how we each tick. Hearing stories of how far we come what we’ve all journeyed through its crazy to think that the three kids who spent their nights challenging their curfews driving up and down the coast looking for adventure at secret look out points and binging on junk food at hole in the walls are now adults (though..I’ll never ever really feel like a grown up lol). One on their way down the aisle. The other a scientist and then there’s me teetering between starting my own business or climbing the corporate ladder.

Reminiscing with old friends is up lifting. It’s a gentle reminder that we are progressing whether we like it or not.

As we get older, I’m starting to realize how hard it is to hold on to relationships and to make time for people we’re all so caught up in this whirlwind that we call life–pursuing careers, goals, passions, soul searching, trying to make names for ourselves.

We so often forget about the little things, it’s in the moments when we step aside from the hustle that actually brings quality and meaning to our lives. I don’t do this enough and I know I need to make more time for it. We all do.

Time slips through our fingers far too quickly for us to catch.

“The more sand that has escaped the hourglass, the clearer we should see through it”

Jean Paul




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