Silver lining–2016

As 2016 comes to a close, I’ve decided to recap about all that has happened over the course of the year. This year (like for many) has been more-so challenging than most–mentally, physically, spiritually–Err politically.

It was as if the curve balls kept coming and I had to continue to find my way to dodge them at the last millisecond.With the challenges came the lessons and though it always took me some time to realize it; I always left the battles triumphant–one way or another.

I don’t do this enough, actually I don’t even write enough anymore for myself, but I don’t want this to be another year in the books where it just blurs by without a recollection.

For a mid-20 something who spent so many years living vicariously through other people’s virtual feeds, I’ve rallied through more than I could imagine this year..

  • Spent 3 weeks in Vietnam with my entire family rediscovering familiar cities and exploring new towns and meeting new friends.
  • Winged an hour-long solo presentation in front of my entire company & vendors with only 2 days of preparation. (I was petrified–voice shook the entire time, but I managed to get it done with some will power and polite nods in the audience)
  • He went into remission and has been clear since–God let it stay that way
  • Traveled to Kansas City, St. Louis, Birmingham and Memphis over the course of 5 days for business as the only female lead on the team–I call that my whirlwind trip with far too many plane rides, airports, hotel rooms and mediocre continental breakfasts.
  • Painstakingly decided to quit my job without a back up plan due to undue circumstances with a week’s notice. I said goodbye to everything I knew in the industry I grew up in and parted ways with some of the best people I’ve met in my life.
  • I then was offered & accepted a remote position with a trusted joint venture who’s known me for years within 2 days of turning in my resignation
  • Spent a long weekend  in Sequoia finding myself in nature– And oh so fittingly experienced all elements of weather in the same weekend (wind, rain, hail, sunshine & snow)
  • Also witnessed my best friend’s proposal there with the most magnificent back drop
  • Got my first tattoo with my sister to symbolize our love & protection for another
  • And then decided 3 days later to drive by myself for an hour and half to meet one of my favorite tattoo artists to get a second for just me–just because.
  • Went on my first solo business trip to Memphis & Nashville to meet with my new boss and team
  • Experienced Nash-Vegas
  • Learned the trials of trying to mix business with family–never again, not with a ten foot pole
  • Learned the blessings & tribulations of working remotely full time–It’s been hectic ride but it’s been a blessing more than anything.

I’m obviously just highlighting all the good–because thats all I need to remember. Despite the great experiences, this year was dark & I don’t need to go on and commemorate all the times I felt the anxiety, tears, stress and anger. I spent too many lost years dwelling on what was missing and what I didn’t have.

“Too many people miss the silver linings because they are looking for gold”
Maurice Setter

I don’t want to be one of those people anymore.


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